Dragonfly Custom Cleaning – Is not just another cleaning company, DCC has been born and raised with years of passion, dedication, thoughtfulness and quality! With years of Experience, our dedicated team is bringing Quality, Dependability, Ethics, Professionalism and a Peace of Mind that the job will be done and done right! We are 100% Secure and Insured!

Our Focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide outstanding results and superior level of service! Dragonfly Custom Cleaning is an established company in Calgary. Locally owned and operated since 2000, our family-run business focuses on post construction, commercial, industrial, and specialized cleaning services. Our staff members have been trained in all aspects of cleaning and janitorial work to guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we work hard to maintain our positive reputation throughout the Calgary area.

We use environmentally-friendly cleaners:
If it's important to you to be environmentally-aware and healthy, well, it is to us too! We use only the highest quality, all-natural cleaning products. Make your happy environment a healthy one.

Get a free estimate:
We will schedule a time to walk through the property with you, so we can better understand your needs and get to know what it is you are looking for. Contact Us

Unparalleled Customer Support to the Calgary Community
At Dragonfly Custom Cleaning, we want our clients to feel comfortable with their decision to choose us as their cleaning company, which is why we offer professional and timely customer support. As members of the Calgary community, we have a responsibility to our fellow neighbors. We exude the highest quality effort and retain expert knowledge regarding both general and specialized cleaning. Our clients’ feedback is always crucial to us and that’s why we make sure we are always in touch with our customers.

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